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Banners for Schools, Clubs, Music Stands

Custom Appliqued Banners - fully-sewn functional artwork of the highest quality

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About Us

Banner Biz produces APPLIQUED BANNERS, WALL-HANGINGS and MARCHING BANNERS.  Our fully-sewn, made-to-order distinctive functional artwork is perfect for promotional and ceremonial use - AND they are Australian made.


Banner Biz actively strives to maintain our reputation for creating the highest quality banners for schools, clubs, businesses and private dwellings around Australia and beyond. 


  • We use the traditional appliqué method of banner manufacture using layers of fabric on fabric.


  • Each character is individually cut, set and finely satin-stitched to create hand-crafted artwork which provides distinction to your school or organisation - style in stitch. 


  • Attention to detail and superior workmanship are our competitive edge. 


  • Durable fabrics and threads mean you will proudly use your banners for years.


  • Banner Biz works have always been about quality and personalised service. 


  • We can work with your logo or design, or assist in developing these, to create quality stitched artwork that lasts for years. 


Since Banner biz prides itself on the high quality of our work, we do not price bargain.


Many satisfied clients who have ordered an appliqued banner for their School or College return for Sports House  and Lectern  as well as our printed Music Stand Banners.


For a free Quote on individual banners of distinction, complete this  Enquiry Form and email logo to